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Property Daily: Helping Business, Do Business

Published daily as both an easy to use email briefing and in an online database. It is the ONLY completely integrated daily service with national coverage.

With the option of email & hardcopy delivery, Property Daily ensures its subscribers are among the first to know of potential + active business leads and market news. Frequent updating means subscribers are kept fully informed of changes as they happen.

What we cover

Property Daily draws on independently researched lease expiry and 'business leads' databases. This enables us to report on organisations reviewing or actively seeking new office space, as well as those planning reconfiguration of their existing premises.

In addition, Property Daily covers longer-term opportunities such as companies experiencing significant growth, assessing their facilities, or involved in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

What you receive

Each working day subscribers are emailed new qualified leads in an easy to use format. This includes concise profiles of the best opportunity's available as well as a succinct compilation of others which are directly relevant. 'Click-through' access to contact details of key decision makers and consultants ensures each lead can be acted upon immediately.

Each opportunity profile provides description and analysis of the specific opportunity so you can make evaluate its importance from your perspective.

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