Market Intelligence in Commercial Property, Interiors & Relocation
Chasing a lead and want all the details you can get?

Property Daily PLUS - Opportunity Profiles are comprehensive 1-5 page intelligence reports on individual organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Receive complete & up to date coverage of relevant opportunities including:

- All internal/external contacts (Executive, IT & Facilities related)

- All occupied premises (including lease expiry information where relevant).

- Current & past relationships with property and design players.

- Organisational background details.

- As well as other information you specify.

Property Daily Plus

The Spatial Group provides a range of information products, fixed cost value added services and delivery options which complement and extend subscriptions to Property Daily. These further strengthen our clients business development capabilities as well as providing useful decision making tools.

Electronic Access & Delivery Options

  • Additional Property Daily online logins.
  • Additional online team workflow features.
  • Content integration with corporate Intranets, Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Content integration with contact management packages including Outlook, Act and Goldmine.
  • Content integration with MSN and Microsoft Messenger, and PDA/Pocket PC downloads, SMS Delivery.
  • Hardcopy delivery & archives.

Additional / Stand alone Subscription Options

  • Comprehensive 1-5 page "Opportunity Profiles" on specific organisations / groups of organisation in Australia & New Zealand.
  • Customised intelligence gathering packages to suit your needs.
  • Property Daily Industry & Market Contact Directories.
  • Industry & sector analysis.
  • Quarterly & annual market updates .
Get Property Daily to fit into your workflow

Property Daily can be readily integrated into the way you currently work. Whether you are regularly on the move, away from the internet or working within a marketing team, there is a Plus option to suit your requirements.

Cost savings for existing Property Daily subscribers

Take up Property Daily Plus options as part of a complete information package. These are highly cost effective and maximize your marketing capabilities.

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