Market Intelligence in Commercial Property, Interiors & Relocation

Other Services

1. Business / Economic Development Research Solutions:
Our focus is on providing clients with actionable information, tailored to their needs and focused on achieving specific objectives. Capabilities include:

  • Business & Investment Attraction.
  • Business Premises / Facilities Profiling (for industries, companies and geographical areas).
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Demand Analysis & Forecasting (markets and submarkets).
  • Market Strategy Assessment - evaluating organisational capabilities and strategies to achieve specific market related goals.

Our unique research/intelligence consultancy ensures a highly flexible approach to meeting client requirements. Completed work can be delivered on an ongoing basis or collated together into one off customised reports. Research can be commissioned as a fixed-cost project or a periodic basis. After discussing your needs, a free proposal can be prepared for you to consider further.

2. Content Syndication:
The Spatial Group provides a range of customised content and freelance journalism services including articles, market data and analysis to suit a range of preferences:

  • Fresh original copy to add depth to your own publication or website.
  • Outsourced market & industry research material to include in market reports you provide clients / senior management.
  • 'Ready to send' reports / research newsletters prepared to your exact specifications for you to send to clients under your own branding.

Our syndicated content is royalty free and available in a range of data formats including XML. Unlike other organisations we are happy to negotiate provision of content copyright at an additional fee.

Why use our Consulting Services?

Both public and private sector organisations use our services in recognition of the expertise and advanced research methodologies research which we offer.

Our clients also value how cost effective our services are compared to in-house or traditional outsourcing arrangements. Register your interest for a free proposal.

Content Syndication Client Profile:

Architecture Media

Download an example of our content recently published in Artichoke Magazine - the official publication of the Design Institute of Australia.

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