Market Intelligence in Commercial Property, Interiors & Relocation

Why use Market Intelligence?

  • STAY INFORMED OF NEW OPPORTUNITIES & CONTRACT WINS: To keep informed of current and upcoming opportunities in your particular market space. Stay on top of which industry players are winning market share.
  • INCREASE YOUR 'HIT RATE': Be more efficient in your marketing efforts. Spend more time in contact with potential clients and less time finding them. Focus on higher profile, more profitable and longer term contracts.
  • EXPAND YOUR MARKET HORIZONS: To seek new opportunities outside your organisation's traditional areas of market expertise.
    - Industrial or suburban agents seeking entry into CBD office leasing.
    - Residential/retail designers expanding into corporate interiors.
  • INCREASE CLIENT RETENTION: Stay abreast on progression of opportunities which your organisation is actively pursuing in your own market space, or with organisations with which you have an ongoing relationship.
  • GAIN AN ADVANTAGE OVER STATIC COMPETITORS: Market intelligence delivers an edge over competitors which are less well informed of market opportunities. Make better decisions based on market facts
The Spatial Group: a leader in intelligence

Our research methodologies are among the most sophisticated in Australia/NZ. We draw on:

Over 8 years experience in this field.

An extensive network of industry contacts.

Qualified lease expiry opportunity tracking databases.

Premium grade solutions that are highly cost effective

The Spatial Group's expertise means we can offer solutions a cut above what is available elsewhere. Click here for 3 key reasons to choose us for your market intelligence needs.

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