Market Intelligence in Commercial Property, Interiors & Relocation

Why Consider The Spatial Group

1. Our Competitive Advantage

Combining extensive experience with the best resources available - we offer premium grade product options and research solutions on an extremely cost effective basis. The Spatial Group stand out from other intelligence providers in terms of our:

- Sophisticated lease expiry and opportunity tracking databases independently created from legitimate primary and secondary source material.

- Highly trained staff who go further to get the full story including details which won't be published anywhere else.

- Extensive networks of contacts spanning commercial property, architecture, interior design, office fit-out and relocation markets

2. Our Efforts

The Spatial Group's sophisticated research methodologies allow us to regularly exceed expectations about possibilities for news & intelligence gathering. Our team spends thousands of hours each year identifying the best occupier related opportunities across capital cities, and preparing profiles of those most relevant for clients.

In practice a large part of our time is spent in regular communication with tenants and owner-occupiers, consultants and industry players. Unlike others we also analyse facility changes as well as gather details which places opportunities in a meaningful context.

3. Our Results

Client feedback tells us we are their first choice in commercial property market intelligence for good reason. This stems from the fact that our services are primarily about maximising client competitive edge. The bottom line is our services directly contribute to new business generation - and can be directly linked to additional revenue gained.

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Why consider the Property Daily PLUS product range?

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